Monday, November 24, 2008


This weekend was my first planned me weekend in a while. Lately I've spent weekends with mother-in-law, mom and friends, friends and sister, ect. This past weekend I had planned on seeing no one and going nowhere.

Guess what. Wrong. My sister calls and says "hey, what are you doing this weekend." Me: "Absolutely, nothing. I'm staying at home, cleaning and baking. Deep cleaning and lots of baking." Her: "oh, good. I'm going to come over and help you bake and clean". Me: a silent groan. I use to be so good at saying No, ask Bre. Now, I'm a total wimp.

So Kel comes over Friday night and we go to Chili's, where I have the Shanghai-lite wings and a Chambord margarita. After 2 margaritas I'm not up to baking so we come home and watch PS I love you. Again.

Mom calls the next morning, finds out Kel is here and says she's taking us to lunch. Sigh :) So I have lunch with the sister and the mother and we, yes I take on the responsibility that it was my decision also, decide to go see Twilight. Yum. Totally satisfied with that movie.

I scored on talking them into taking me home while they went to Wal-Mart :) Gave Kel my list *evil grin and started deep cleaning my bedroom. I cleaned out my closet, dusted every nook and cranny, swept, mopped and then mopped again with Orangewhatever. Went thru dresser drawers and bagged stuff I haven't worn in forever, ect. I got the whole room done before Kel got back, that's how much shopping I gave her.

So we get the car unloaded and stuff put away and I'm still in a cleaning mood. Which puts Kel in a cleaning mood. We put INXS, Matchbox 20, OAR, Aerosmith and Garth Brooks in the cd player and shake the walls. Poor Diesel thought a tornado was coming. By the time Garth had sung his last song and we had polished off a bottle of moscato my house was clean, we were tired and it felt good.

My house was clean if you just didn't pay attention. I don't live in clutter, but if you stopped the ceiling fans from spinning....ack! So now I'm happy, all those little places shine as bright as the whole :)

Our baking on the other hand didn't go so well. I baked cookies, that I am not sending to my cookies swap peeps. They are just not....I don't know, they're just not. I'm trying others today.
Kelley's pumpkin gingerbread cake is as heavy as a stone. And we forgot bourbon for the bourban cake and rum for the rum balls. *sigh

Anyway, I have to go to the liquor store today and back to the grocery store. Ick.
Hope everyone's weekend was productive or at least restful.

PS I unlocked the freaking yogo pose where you stand on tiptoes and then go into a squat. Ack!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just under the surface

I just got a call from Family Support out of Bre's base in HI. This woman was very nice, but she took forever verifying who I was, so by the time she got thru my whole insides was wound taunt. All I knew for the first few minutes, which seemed an eternity was her name was Teresa from Navy Family Services and she was calling about Bre.

Basically, what she called for was to find out if anyone had contacted me about info on Bre's deployment, if anyone's been in contact with me, if she could send me a pamphlet explaining different things, could she get my email to update me on things, would I like her phone number in case I had questions.

While all of that's all good and well, I wanted to scream at her. Bre's been gone since September and a call like this out of nowhere didn't do my heart any good at all. Especially, since she wouldn't say what the call was about until I verified I was who I said I was when I answered my own phone.

I held it together and even acted normal thru the entire conversation. But as soon as we ended, I shook and cried. Again.

Damn it to hell, I think I have it all together and under control and then one stupid well-meaning but freaking scary phone call and I'm in pieces. Again. I hate this.

Quick! Kiss me!

I've got a lovely bunch of mistletoe, right outside my door. The only problem is, is that it's like 40 feet up in the air.
I want it. I like mistletoe. It makes me warm and fuzzy. Probably because it gave me a good excuse to kiss all the cute boys when I was a tween :)
But to this day I still love dragging that unsuspecting man - Rob - under a bunch of mistletoe and laying one on him, for no good reason except that were standing under the kissing plant. *grin
Correct mistletoe etiquette for the etiquette-minded -
The correct mistletoe etiquette is for the man to remove one berry when he kisses a woman. When all the berries are gone, there's no more kissing permitted underneath that plant. Bet you didn't know that :)
But regardless of history or meaning, I just like kissing. I like kissing friends on the cheek, babies on the head, cute guys on the ...oops, Rob anywhere I can. It's not that I need a reason to kiss, I just like the frivolity of it.
So look up, see that bunch of mistletoe........SMOOCH! Gotcha :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

WooHoo - I'm not middle age!

My bestfriend Lori, in the pic with her daughter Ashley, came over Saturday. We shopped, and drank coffee and ate pie. Then we decided we needed either 1) a nap or 2) to Wii some of that pie off. After deciding 1) fit way better into our weekend, we'd snuggled onto our respective couches with throws and pillows and PS I love you playing on the tv. I'm just drifting off, when my phone rings. It's my sister, make a long conversation short, somehow I invited her up and told her we'd go out. So now I have two divorcees on my hands and a promise of drinking. OMG I'm a gluten for punishment :)
The pie has long left our bodies by the time Kel shows, so we decide to go to Chili's to have some appetizers and drinks, first. I'm thinking "first?", that's usually my first, middle and last!
Lori's a lightweight and halfway thru her first beer we're talking about the frustrations of being single, ifyouknowwhatimean. Ok, we're in the bar part, but Lori's loud and I don't think Chili's patrons found our loud laughter and the word orgasm particularly appetizing. Our waitress did love us though, college girls are easily amused *grin
I had beer at home, but they both wanted to go to the bar. Ok, we do have bars, but one in particular I do like, it reminds me of the bar in Cheers, you know the Cheers bar in Cheers. So we go. I'm driving the Mini Coop *grin as I'm the only one not tipsy. So as driver I decide to put the top down. Mind you, it's freaking cold out, but I'm smaht, I've got the heater on high *grin again.
It's kind of quiet in the bar, but thankfully a couple of the guys from the hospital that I've helped out on a couple of projects were there. I think they took pity on me and helped babysit. We played shuffleboard, had some laughs and the girls got some safe male attention.
On the way home, they wanted to go dancing. I lied and told them we had no dancing clubs around. Ok, maybe that was a copout but first off I didn't want to go, second they were drunk and it was easier to lie and third....I'm married..I don't do what I wouldn't want Rob to do, and if all of a sudden all of the guys he pals around with were single and searching I wouldn't want him going clubbing. Would you feel the same way? I pondered that lastnight. I would feel comfortable and have if he's just going out to drink a beer or two with friends, but I wouldn't want him clubbing with those friends. Give me your take.
So yesterday, we slept late and then went out and had breakfast. Holy heck, you'd think we were linebackers. Our table was so laden with food I thought it was going to break! It was goooood. :) I got help with some yardwork, heeheeheehee and we had good coffee and conversation on the deck. The weather was great. And Kelley set Lori up a myspace page, but the dork left her myspace page up and signed in on my computer when she left to go home.
. the "evil" big sister I changed all of her preferences :) I changed her music to classical, her tagline to "I like to suck on hairy, old men toes", I embedded "my sister is way prettier and funnier than me" into her general blurb, her tv shows to Barney and PowerRangers and books to "I've graduated from picture books to chapter books, I particularly like the 3rd grade reader". Snort Oh, her heroes. Changed to "my sister, because she's so funny!". I got a call at 11:30 lastnight, I couldn't answer because I was laughing so hard. I was also called a "little turd". Ha!
Anyway, it was a good weekend. And as we had a "girls night out" I proclaim myself NOT Middle Age! Yay, me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Girls Day Out

Saturday was girls day out, you know you've hit middle age when girls night out changes to girls day out *grin, anyway - my mother, sister, friend and I went shopping and eating on Saturday. We went on the pretense of shopping for Bre, which we did, but I think the majority just needed girls time. I know I did.

My sister came up Friday night, I think having a married boyfriend has put a damper on her weekends and I'm becoming her relief from boredom,.....ok, I'm going to digress here for a moment....why is it with some people I'm more forgiving than others? I tell her to her face that I don't agree with what's she's doing and try to put it into perspective for her (that's like hitting concrete) but I also laugh at some of her stories and am a bit jealous he's taking her on an African safari in January. *sigh ..... anyway we were picked up by mom-who needs a hip replacement and friend - who recently had a knee replacement (she's only 50), Kel and I joked we were the nurse aids. Went to the nearest mall - 30 miles away and got them electric carts. I was jealous, I want an electric cart to go mall shopping! I thought my mother was going to have a few lawsuits on her hands before the day was over - she's not so good on the electric cart backing thing!

We bought a bunch of cool things to send to Bre, partially thanks to Puffy and our night googling things like camel spiders and mantyhose and stuff, (oh and Puffy - Bre got her Puffy package, she's either emailing you or has already done so- *smooch) and then ate, my tearoom suggestion got shot down, so we wound up at IHOP where it took an hour and a half just to get our food. Hey, it wasn't my idea. Went to a movie and then headed home. Kelley and I played Wii all night and Wii Fit and drank margaritas. I'm overweight and she's tiny and I still kicked her ass. Ha! I told Mike and Bre when they get home I'm going to kick their Wii asses too :)

I spent Sunday over at mom's raking and burning leaves - Geez I was sore yesterday! This past weekend was suppose to be my holiday cleaning weekend, but as you can see I blew that off. So last night I started moving furniture and cleaning and putting away the things I put away to make room for Christmas decorations. I'm thinking about decorating before Thanksgiving this year. Is that weird?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happiness and Unhappiness

I went to bed last night with a skip in my step and a smile on my face. I was so happy and pleased with my country lastnight. The fact that we got past the issue of race to elect to the Presidency a man of color that I pray will lead this country back to goodness. I couldn't quit grinning, I thought.....we've done good.

And then this morning I wake up to news that Prop 8 in California might pass and realized there's still alot of tarnishment on the shine that an Obama win put back on my view of the USA. I know African-Americans have been fighting for equality in the open for longer than gay and lesbians, but I hope we don't stand on the sidelines and watch this struggle for as long as we have with African Americans.

I watched one black soldier that was interviewed this morning and with tears in his eyes he said he can now believe that America believes that all men are created equal. I think....not yet. But hopefully soon.