Monday, September 20, 2010

Hypocrites in the dark

You know, I don't know if I'm just really on edge right now and things are just hitting me wrong but I'm really sick of people.

I'm tired of people on the moral high horse exposing the virtues of not living together before marriage and sitting an example for the kids while I know for a fact you've cheated on every spouse you've had.

And yes, I know I'm probably a little touchy about being told in a round about way that I set a bad example for Bre by living with Rob for 13 years before marrying him. But you can just suck it.

I'm tired of being told I should go to church and be more religious while I know for a fact that you, who goes to church and touts religion like it's a bugle to blow, stabbed you're own kids in the back when it came to their inheritance from their grandparents. They're struggling from paycheck to paycheck and you're building a 4 car garage onto your house. *disclaimer - this is not about me

Hmmm, I think I'll take my position with God over yours any day.

I'm tired of a sibling that is completly and utterly psycho. That befriends 20 year olds so she can feel young again, while I know her kids are wondering why she can't be a Mom to them.

People are just pissing me off!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I wish too

Kayla turns 14 today. She turns 14 while she lays in a hospital bed at Children's Hospital waiting for her next round of chemo. How's that for a sucky ass birthday! I sent balloons. Whoopee.

She went in yesterday and received a round, they kept her last night and she gets another one today at 3:30. I talked to her on the phone for a bit and she sounded good. She said "I'm 14!" and then said "I wish" and then stopped and said "nevermind". We all know what the rest of that sentence is. I wish too.

I had a friend send me a necklace to give her - it's 3 silver rings on a chain. One says Love, another says Hope and the last says Strength. That's Kayla. It's perfect. She's perfect.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All about Bre

She has always been the light in my life - so while all the crap is swirling around I figured what better way to shove it all away for a bit than by focusing on her.

So here's my "all about Bre" post.

The university finally reviewed her Smartscript from the Navy and will accept 33 hours. She needed them to accept 32 in order to graduate next December. Yay! So she went from starting her sophmore year to starting her junior year in one day. You know where I'll be come December 2011! She'll then be applying to the Armed Services medical school. I'll let you know when to start keeping fingers crossed, saying prayers, ect.

She just finished running her first Half marathon. Which she didn't train for. The two weeks prior to the run, she spent in Florida doing her two weeks for the Navy reserves. She amazes me, and I have to admit that her athleticism came from her bio father's gene pool. Because no one on my side of the family would ever think about running any type of marathon. :)

She volunteers for a hospice and her first lady she visited with weekly passed away recently. She's kept in touch with the woman's husband and he called the woman in charge of the hospice to tell her how grateful he was that Bre had been sent to them. The woman took the time to call me (she has this wonderful Scottish accent that I could have listened to all day) to tell me what a special kid I had. I know. :)

Somewhere in the past six years she's gone from being this great kid I was lucky enough to be the one to raise, to this amazing woman that I'm in awe of. Whatever power it is that assigns kids to moms I thank from the bottom of my heart for giving her to me.

Even the teen years were worth it after all. :D

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Was hoping for a better month

I'd planned on having Kayla stay with me for a few days this week. She could use a break and so could Mom. But her counts hit a record low of 300 so she's homebound for a while.

The doctor said that the first month the steroid could give a false positive high count, which it did. So now that she's off the steroid her true counts are showing. Which means she's basically at home. This treatment lasts for 56 days, but hopefully her counts will rebound before this leg of the treatment is up.

The math teacher is her homeschool teacher. She visited yesterday and will come twice a week. Mainly it's just the core subjects they'll be pushing and electives she can either do or not. I hate it, because she'd just found a love of drama last year and now can't participate. Stupid disease!

She's still just lightly shedding, no dramatic hair loss yet. Thank goodness.

Dad is going to resume visitation soon, which will be good for Mom. She's been carrying alot on her shoulders.

Anyway, I'm glad a sucky summer is almost over. Sorry Boo.