Sunday, September 27, 2009

More time on my hands

So I re-did the spice cabinet into a magnetic piece of art :) and then moved on to the bathroom. I forgot to take "Before" pic before unloading the room. Oh well. You can see it was a hideous green, the tub hardwear was ok but old brass and it was dark.

I still want to hang a different light fixture but this is a huge improvement. And I love the see-through shower curtain, let's in alot more light.

The color comes off as white in the pics but it's a warm, creamy, butter yellow with copper ceiling and sponging. I had to sponge the bottom as it had many spots where badly executed repairs had happened and the walls showed blemishes. But I didn't want to sponge the whole wall and I don't like straight lines. Was going to do a wavy pattern but that would have taken forever to tape off so this is it.

Next step is getting rid of all the mis-matched towels. Rob's going to be glad when I go back to work so I quit spending money!

Can't wait to take my first Lush bath tonight. I've moved all the towels to the RR luggage rack above the toilet as in pic and the shelf that was holding the towels is getting a cool copper basket filled with candles.

And, yes Boo, the showerhead is now hanging as it should. I had to let it hang for a bit to straighten the kinks. You never notice those things as you're taking the pics. *grin

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tybee Island - Part 3

Don't ask me why I didn't finish this, because I don't know. I'm here now because Weltek said to blog, so I'm a bloggin'.

Ok, so really by now all I remember is that I had my first 5 Guys burgers and fries in Virginia Beach. Bre and I took off some of her wallpaper. I bought them a firepit for a house warming gift. And the flight back sucked.'s some promised pics.