Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As year endings go I think this one is one of the saddest for me. The person I've considered a best friend for a long period of time has been changing and showing aspects of her character that I just have a hard time over-looking or accepting. And while I know that part of being a friend is accepting and understanding I'm about at the end of those particular attributes. I feel like a battery that has been drained over the past year and I never get a re-charge. So as this year changes into a new year I think I'll let this best friendship change into a different kind of friendship.

It's sad, but I think on the other side it will be much healthier for me. *sniff

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Bre and I at about the same age. Yeah, I'm stylin' that 80's Farrah 'do. But there's some resembelance there.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

what ifs

Ever had those what if moments?

I recently reconnected with a college friend. He was probably my closest guy friend in college. The one that nothing romantic ever happened with and when you look back you wonder why and realize you probably were a dumbass for not going there. :)

Anyway, we were reminiscing the other day and we both laughed that we'd never even kissed. Which is probably a good thing because we've fallen back into that easy comraderie. But after the conversation if made me wonder "what if".

Not that I wouldn't want to be married to Rob. But it's strange how something as small as a kiss could have changed my path. Makes me wonder about all the little decisions I made without knowingly making them that lead me here.

He did make me laugh and feel good when he said he could remember the day we met at Teke Beach. I had on a yellow bikini (I have no idea if that's even correct) and he had to go get in the lake. *snort Those were the days. Sadly, Teke Beach is no longer there. It fell to the progress of a 4 lane highway. *sniff