Friday, May 23, 2008


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1. I just learned how to link.
2. I am a freaking stud when it comes to killing poison ivy!
3. I did in fact get my tragus pierced and it hurt like a .....
4. I'm buying 2 pygmy goats and naming them Cornbread and Beans
5. I sold my first painting in 15 years for 500.00 the other day.
6. I am eating strawberries that I grew myself.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just a Jumble

I just have a bunch of thoughts jumbling up in my head, so I'm spewing them here, both good and bad.

Bre should be in around the 10th of June, she'll get to stay for about 2 weeks before heading up towards Weltek's area. Mike will be following her here about the 20th so "Yay" the rest of the family will get to meet him. They're going for a weekend to Vegas before she reports for combat training, I warned her about Harley's, alcohol and Tunnels of Love :)

Another good - I recently reconnected with one of my dearest friends. She's a rapid cycle bi-polar (or whatever the politically correct term is this week) and anorexia. Or ED as she likes to call him, giving the disorder a male personality makes it something she can control better :). What that means for me is that any ongoing relationship usually falls to me to substain. And while I've never begrudged that last year it was just something I chose to neglect when other things were piling up. Recently I received a phone call from her mother, asking that I not give up on our friendship. Then I received a call from friend that I missed and she left a voicemail telling me about her website. So we've reconnected thru her message board, I think I'm the only non-bipolar there :) But they're a very creative group and it's lit an urge in me to get more active with my art. So I owe her a thanks. And we interact everyday now, and though it's usually just thru printed words it's still good.

Here's an excerpt from a poem she wrote for me:

As children we were best of friends,
as close as we could be,
through thick and thin we braved the world,
together, you and me.

As years went by we changed so much
but loved each other still.
No one could ever tear apart
the bond that we did feel.

It made me cry.

An inbetween good:

I move my job home at the end of this month. Pro's are obvious, cons are I'm a bit nervous, and I'm going to miss most of the work relationships. I'm sure I'll have more to write about this when it happens.


It's rained so much here the lakes and rivers are swollen. That means boat is still not docked and the float trip we have planned for when Mike and Bre are in are iffy. Ugh

Dad is not taking care of himself where his diabetes is concerned. In front of people he takes care of his diet, no desserts, bread and diet drinks only. But when he's not expecting you to show up at his workshop you can find all sorts of donut wrappers, fried pie wrappers, ect. I'm angry.

Ok, enough with the bad. I'm ending on a good!

Yay, Bre's coming home soon!

Edited! So it took me forever to figure out how to edit, sue me. The post is now readable :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008


The only thing Rob and I have ever bought new was his truck and an entertainment center. Alot of our furniture he had previous to us. His parents dealt in antiques so I'm not saying we don't have some cool stuff but it's definitely not new.

I have always wanted leather livingroom furniture. So for the past six months I've worked ALOT of overtime and every penny that wasn't spent on Christmas went to new livingroom sofas. Yay, I now have 2 new leather, overstuffed sofas in butter soft leather. The color is rich, the name...cabernet. Doesn't that sound scrumptious?

I went home from work yesterday with rain pouring down. Ran up the steps, opened the door and sighed with pleasure just looking at them. After getting comfy in sweats, I grabbed my pillow, book and a throw I bought especially for my new sofas. Snuggled in and before I knew it was fast asleep. Best nap I've ever taken.

Best thing about them is I can look at them and have something tangible for the work I've done and knowing we reached a goal, albeit a small goal it's still a goal accomplished.

stock photo - ours is double pillowback and NOT recliners and they're cabernet