Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Specifically, Rob's birthday.

It's this Saturday. He'll be in Friday. I bought him this way cool hammock/tent thingy. He does alot of hiking when he's out and about, so I think he'll love this.

He's my adventurer, never met a stranger or a strange place guy.

I'm the girl that thinks of "what could go wrong" if we were to float unchartered waters, he's the guy that thinks of "what will we miss if we stay in chartered waters".

If it weren't for Rob I would have never hiked to the Medicine Wheel in Wy (what are you crazy, a bear could eat us) or climbed down the cliff to a secluded beach in HI (what are you crazy, we're going to fall and break our necks) or gazed at the wild mustangs in MT if we hadn't veered off path (what are you crazy, we're not suppose to be here, oh....).

If it weren't for him my world would be a paler shade of color.

I'm a very lucky girl and I hope I give him as many presents as he gives me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


For the first time ever I am living by myself, well mostly. DH gets home for about 4 days every 6 weeks or so.

I went from living with my parents, to living with a room-mate in college, to living with my boyfriend-to-be-husband, to living as a single parent with Bre, to living with Bre and Rob, to living with ME.

At first I didn't really like living with ME. ME bored me to tears. Me and I watched ALOT of TV and we read and we slept and we worked. But after living with ME for almost 6 months now I'm starting to like living with ME.

We quit watching sooooo much TV for starters. And started doing things. We walk the dog, we've gotten back into painting and gardening. We've even bought a bike. We're going to Curves, even though we don't exactly like doing that. We clean, eat, do laundry whenever we want Even if it's 2 am. In fact WE are turning into I. And I kind of like I.

In fact I think it's taken almost 46 years to find out that I can do almost anything I thought it took WE to do. Except I couldn't get the damn sofa carried in from truck to livingroom. That did take a WE!

I sometimes wonder when I turns into WE again if I'll have trouble adjusting.

I have to say that sex is still better as a WE.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My kids -


I'm going to start this post saying I have no idea how often I'm going to post. I didn't plan on posting everyday and still don't. But as wonders will never cease I actually have something to say today.

I received lastnight what may be the biggest compliment of my life. In fact I'm pretty sure it was THE biggest compliment I've ever received. And I don't even think the giver realizes what a huge honor he gave me.

The phone rang around 7ish. I was recording Survivor while cleaning out my fridge, ugh. I knew it was Bre by the ringtone, otherwise I would have just let it go to VM. So we chat for a minute and then she tells me that Mike, her boyfriend, needs to talk to me. I love Mike, I call him My Favorite Italian, in fact that's how he's listed in my cell. Keep in mind we've only met face to face for a two week time period while we were out there.

So anyways, Mike gets on the phone and we chat, then he tells me that he's done something I may not be too happy about. Okay. .. He starts off by saying he knows Bre told me about his Mom coming out to Hawaii last week and what a disastrous week it was. She's an addicted gambler who has recently fallen off the wagon and they fought about it. She's lost her last 3 paychecks in Atlantic City. So then he tells me they had to go down to the post and fill out more papers for their trip to Iraq. After Bre put in her papers, Mike put in his. So when it came to the life insurance policy he didn't want to put his Mom as beneficiary because he thinks she'd blow it all and he's just starting to re-connect with his Dad, so he put me. He asked if anything happened to him that I make sure his brother and sister were taken care of. They're underage.

I told him I wasn't upset and that absolutely nothing was going to happen to him! And then asked that he look into setting it up as a trust or something. I also asked that he tell his mother what he did if he can't get it situated differently. But that if anything did and it stayed the same that I promise on my life I would take care of it the way he wanted and that I love him like a son. He said he wished I were his Mom and I told him that would be kind of weird since he's dating my daughter. We laughed and then he gave the phone back to Bre.

I'm still blown away that this guy that I adore would put that much trust in me. I have to say that I will be greatly disappointed if he's not my son-in-law one of these days!

And before I go I just need to say..........OZZY, YOU'RE A DUMBASS!!!! Whew I feel so much better.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

2nd Attempt at Coherent thoughts

Ok, so yesterday I created my blog, which I hate the appearance of btw, and 2 sentences in I didn't have anything to say. So here goes the second attempt.

I went to dinner out last night. Yes by myself. Brave of me, huh? There's this decent Italian place down the way. So after I ordered my Eggplant Rollatini I look around the restaurant and being the people watcher I am I start watching these two little old ladies. One is much older than the other but you can tell they are the best of friends. They have to be in their 70's/80's, so they're laughing and having a great time. Suddenly one says to the other "Oops, I laughed so hard I farted" and then they both are giggling again. It made me smile and think that when I'm that age I hope I can giggle like that.

Eggplant was yummy, but not so diet friendly as it was breaded. I did plant some blackberries and some flowers when I got home so maybe that worked off some of the calories. Diesel and I decided not to do our evening walk, he told me he was just wanting an easy night of it :)

I did kiss Brad Pitt in a dream lastnight, maybe that made up for some calories I didn't burn from my non-walk.

Ok, not too awfully bad for a first blog.
Jury's still out on this blogging thing.