Monday, August 25, 2008

7 Days does not 3 Weeks make

Still in Austin (technically Dripping Springs). Was originally was only suppose to be here from Sunday to Sunday, but by the time I get home I will have been away for 3 weeks. My bosses father-in-law has taken pity on me and went over and mowed my lawn for me. He's a huge sweetheart.

I'm homesick, but it's nice to be begged for my time :) And the perks have been nice. Except for the lack of OT time :(.

When does it turn into a kidnapping? *ha

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mish Mash

1. My sister has drug me into her affair and I'm totally ok with it for very selfish reasons. She called and asked me if she could park her car at my house for the weekend. Her and boyfriend are going to OKC and she wanted to ride with him. Before you start telling me I shouldn't have let her involve me two things a) her car is a 2008 Mini Cooper convertible Sidewalk edition - I made her leave the keys and told her I would be driving it all weekend (she turned a little green but handed them over) and b) I don't like her husband, he takes cheap shots at Rob every chance he gets and I can't stand him. *sigh I'm shallow.

2. I will be going back down to Austin Sunday and will be down there until the next Sunday. I'll be staying with my bosses, the doctor and the dentist. The plus to this visit is that since he's picking me up in his plane I get to take Diesel with me, Yay. I don't like leaving him so I'm much relieved they offered to let him come. The down side is that I don't know how much internet time I will have. Last time I had my old laptop with me and was at the Hilton, this time I don't know if they have wireless and I hate to tie up theirs, so.. The only down side to not traveling commercial is that it's a single engine plane and those make me a tad nervous.

3. I've scrubbed the house and trimmed the yard, so I'm hoping when I come back I can just fall apart. The one thing I'm sad about is that my tomatoes are just starting to produce, I planted late, and a week without water is going to toast them I'm afraid. These are the Cherokee Purple that are supposedly very finicky but I've got tons of babies. I'll just hope for the best.

4. I'm borrowing a car next Friday night and driving down to San Antonio to see my oldest friend (oldest as in length of time not age) and I'm totally excited. On a side note: what do you call a friend that up and into adulthood was your BFF, but it turns out that last F was false - you still consider her your childhood BF but now you have an adult BFF?

5. There's a new post up in Mystic's blog. Check it out. *hint

6. If I'm not around until next week I will miss you. and PS - Some of you - Alot of you - need to update your blogs!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


You know, I didn't know if I was actually going to blog about this or not. I had to sleep on it, mull it around, let it sit for a bit. Did I actually care? or Was it just a bit of irritation that would fade rapidly, kind of like that damned mosquito bite on my arm?

So I did, I thought about it and there are things I want to say.

I was basically called a bully lastnight and while knowing who I was being grouped in with I didn't particularly have a problem with that, it did strike me as ridiculous. In the past there have been posters on a different sight that I have thought what they were posting was bullshit, sometimes I say something and sometimes I don't. If someone happens to agree with me when I do say Bullshit and post their opinions why does that make us into a group?, or even bullies in a group? I'm not even sure why the originals Bullies were deemed Bullies, although I suspect it's for the same reason as I am now classified as a Bully. How stupid.

I've never been called a bully before, hell I suppose I've been called lots of things, in fact the same person that called me a bully also implied I was a racist and a sexist, two other things that's totally laughable. All of this from someone I thought I got along with and have even had nice exchanges with, though alot of the times I think she uses bullying techniques to get her opinion across.

So do I care I've been called a bully, a sexist, a racist and maybe even a fucking bitch? Not so much, I know who I am and how I am. And from the pm's I received from people I haven't even really had alot of interaction with I'm starting to feel a little sorry for the person that's calling me a bully.

I did look up the definition for bully (hint: definitions are what some should use sometimes)

bul·ly 1

n. pl. bul·lies
1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.
2. A hired ruffian; a thug.
3. A pimp.
4. Archaic A fine person.
5. Archaic A sweetheart.

So upon reflection maybe she meant I was a fine, sweetheart of a person. *head tilt, smile, bat eyelashes.......throws self on the ground laughing* Okay, or not.