Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So the thing that I thought might happen happened. Rob is now looking for another job, but it's all good. He'll find something, I just don't want him going over the road again unless it's absolutely neccessary.

So here's the thing - I asked him to go grocery shopping for me since he has a little more free time than I do right now. OMG, what was I thinking.

You know, I should have been prepared. I remember his place when he was a bachelor. He was THE GUY that waited until the only items left in his fridge were half a lemon and something turning green. Then he'd go grocery shopping. He'd buy everything that looked even vaguely good. By the time he reached the checkout counter his cart was packed higher than a mom's cart with ten kids. Of course, that didn't stop him from trying to go to the 20-items-or-less lane.

I don't have anywhere to put this stuff! What 40-something year old buys Bugles and Funyons for crying out loud. Why do I want to go into giggle fits when I ask where my Bare Naked cereal is and he says the Count Chocula looked better? Do we really need 4 boxes of strawberry frozen fruit bars (though I do admit those are yummy, but 4?!) Since when did we start eating olives with garlic stuff in them?! I didn't even know they still made Pickleloaf! Ewwww.

I could go on and on... oh, believe me I could go on.

*sigh I do love him though and the teenage boy still trapped inside that he lets out to play everyonceinawhile. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Stuff

1. My Dad starts radiation today, which I think is ridiculous. He's in such bad health otherwise that the Doctor told him he'll die of something else before the prostate cancer catches him. He has no symptoms, so why put yourself thru the side effects of radiation?

2. My sister lost her job so she's going back to teaching. The sugar daddy is going to support her for the summer. Poor thing was so upset that he sent her to Vail for a week so she could de-stress. Yeah, I'm a little jealous, but I wouldn't choose that lifestyle. :)

3. Rob's looking for another job, the company he went to work for isn't having the jobs come in like they thought they would so there's talk of lay-off or part-time.

4. I have a week long work trip to San Antonio coming up in May that I'm looking forward to, the only bad thing is I'm going to miss my niece graduating from RN school. :(

5. Bre comes home in a little over a month. Yay!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Freedom, sing it with me :)

This week the bosses are away, so while I will probably <---see that probably *grin work a full week I can do it whenever I want.

So I worked some Sunday night late, and then I started at 5 am yesterday and pulled a 11 hour day. Today I worked not at all as it was 81 degrees and beautiful, I played in the garden beds most of the day. Tomorrow I think I will get up early again and work until 9ish and then play in the yard some more and then work again during the night.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I plan on not working at all.

I think it should be like this every week!

I also think that people that get to set their own schedules like this all the time are very, very lucky.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If your happy and you know it clap your hands

*clap, clap, clap

So many reasons to be happy..

1. Bre comes home the end of next month
1a. Mike will already be there and is picking her up, has reserved a room in Honolulu and the next day taking her on an inter-island cruise. He's got me searching for diamond earring to give her for her belated birthday gift. Hence reason 1a, I love my kid's guy.

2. It's daylight savings time and even though it's only March, DST makes it seem like winter is behind us.

3. My fruit trees are in bloom, as are my forsynthia, daffodils and crocus. My weeping cherry looks like a firecracker exploded in pink. :)
3a. This makes the trainwreck that is still my yard from the icestorm not look like such a wreck.

4. Rob has a local job now, which means I get a normal life again. Yay!
4a. Though we are still in re-housebreaking mode there is improvement.

5. Kay laid an egg, so there are many wasted hours of egg-watching and hopefully baby red-tail hawk watching in my future.

6. I spent the weekend messing around with Maverick - my horse- as the weather warms his demeanor and movement improves making me hopefully he has one more good Spring and Summer and Autumn to enjoy. I know I probably should have made The Decision last winter, but it's hard. One more Springtime for Maverick makes me happy, though I'll know all summer that That Time is looming.