Friday, September 26, 2008


Bre left for Iraq yesterday. She flew out of Maryland to Germany where she had a 3 hours layover then on to Kuwait where she will be for 3 days.

I spoke to her right before she got on the plane and then she texted me when she was seated. And then I cried :) She called when she got to Germany for a few minutes and that will be it for a while.

She's not sure where she'll be based, so we're not sure how many amenities she'll have. It could run the gamut of internet access in her bunk to a few minutes a month phone call. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's the first.

She did get to come in for 3 days last week, which was great! But it was hard to put her back onto the plane and watch her go. I haven't cried since she went to Hawaii for the first time and she was 18 then. I did wait until she was out of sight before tearing up, and then when I got to the car I kind of had a breakdown moment. I figured I'd get it out before getting on the highway, so I'm weeping and someone scares the crap out of me by tapping on the window. It was a police officer and his drug dog. He asked if I was ok, I cried "I just watched my daughter leave and she's going to Iraq". He backed away rapidly, told me to take my time and said he would patrol near until I was ready to leave. He was cute.

I plan on posting some pictures taken while she was here, but right now I'm being lazy.

Mike left Monday and they will be on different bases dammit. But she does have a "battle buddy", hey that's what the service called him! His name is Jimmy, he's 6'6" and 235 lbs. He's married and treats her like a little sister. He told me he's instructed her that if she needs to go to the bathroom at night she's to get him up and he will walk with her, and pleaded she keep it to once a night. They bought walkie talkies so he can keep track of her. I think I love him :) I hate to admit, but her safety ON base is one of my greater worries. Isn't that awful?!

For those of you that are interested in sending books and things, even if you'd like to send generic stuff that she could disperse to everyone, let me know thru pm and when I get it I will give you the address. I'm only going to give the address to people I know, so if you're a stranger that's by chance reading this...move along. Of course I will give it to strange people I know which includes all of you :)

I hate knowing I can't pick up the phone and call her.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Your mission, should you choose to accept it.....

I'm taking a 6 week writing course thru the local college here. You know, one of those adult learning classes. I figure it will work areas of my brain that have been left to atrophy for far too long.

So our first homework assignment is to write a paper describing a loved one. But you can only use colors, scents and spices to describe them. I have a week to do this and will probably not work on it until the weekend, but if you want to play have at it. :)

It's going to take me a bit to figure out if I want to describe Rob or Bre, or if I'll do what I normally do and pick both of them and see which paper I like the best.

Do you have a chartreuse you love or maybe a saffron, does the scent of a campfire bring to mind someone you used to love?

I have to admit, I think I'm going to enjoy this class. The teacher is animated and fun.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Copper bathtubs and other stuff

See these? I want them, well not both of them but one of them. Wouldn't a Lush bath be fabulous in one of these tubs. Yummmm.
There's a store in Dripping Springs where if I could buy one of everything they carry I would die a happy woman. I sat in the top tub there, hey...I needed to make sure I fit nicely! They have this armoire that was this old heavy wood and the door was inlaid copper *sigh
I worked hard in TX and they are up and running. I was well paid and they took great care of me while I was down there (read well fed). My favorite place to eat was Mondola winery, the food was wonderful but the tasting room was even better.
I freaked out when I found a scorpion in my sink while I was washing my hands. I screamed like a girl, Heather came in, calmly took off a shoe and squished it like the little bug it was. Hey, I would have done that had I been wearing shoes!
Diesel and their Great Dane, Mojo, were buds by the second day *whew. It would have been a long 3 weeks otherwise.
Rob was home when I got back *big grin. We had a big picnic and float trip on Saturday of Labor Day and then on Sunday we knocked out a wall at my mom's. That! was fun! and it looks great. Anyone need a wall knocked down? I'm your girl. I know all about headers and support beams and whitchits and whatchits!
My house needs dusted badly. Three weeks closed up and it's dusty. Can't wait to see the next utility bill *grin
I'm all over the place with this post I know but.......
My new favorite wine is Canto Felice. It's a red but tastes like a white. It's quite yummy. I saved a bottle from everyone especially for Lush baths. Is that stingy of me?
My best friend and my sister are now divorcing. Not each other sillies. I'm relieved, but I'm also sad with the friends divorce as her husband and I always teased that we were long lost bro and sis as we're so similar in tastes. It'll be weird when she's with someone else for a while. And I hope I can substain a friendship with him. We'll see.
I was only going to be gone a week not 3, so my fridge was very scary when I got home! Ack.
If you all remember when I sold off everything way back when and went on the road with Rob you might remember me stressing over finding a home for Olivia, my Quaker parrot (who by the way masturbates like a hussy). Well, best friend wound up taking her. Now because of the divorce she's brought her back to me. Yay. She talks (I taught her to say "here kitty, kitty *snort) and laughs alot. They didn't take as good care of her as I would have liked but at least I wound up with her. She's got a vet appt to get her beak filed. Yikes.
Ok, I think I'm rambling. Hope I'm back for a while.

Kind of back

but not completly.

When I got back my server had been hacked and a bunch of chinese crap had been added to it. Every time I tried to do something it would take me to this weird chinese dvd website. *shakes head.

Anyway, server is still being fixed and I'm still on a crappy laptop. I hate laptops! And for some reason I can't log on here or into my mail thru my regular internet. I'm having to remote on to my cpu in Dripping Springs and then access the internet thru there. Weird, huh?

I do still LURVE you *sticks tongue out at Breezy* and misses all of you bunches and bunches! My life is not the same without you.

Big smooches to all.