Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am not a shopper, or maybe it's that I'm not a buyer. I will ohhhh and ahhhh over something, carry it around with me and then put it back before we get to check out. I have always been that way. But sometimes I get into a splurging mode, usually it happens around this time of year, I think it's because of my birthday. So far this month, we (mainly I) have purchased:

Wii and Wii Fit - Rob bought this but it was for me
A duvet cover - it's scrumptious, chocolate brown stripe on stripe 1200 tc - I justify the cost as it will save money in the long run not having to take the down comforter into the dry cleaners
1200 tc sheets- Hey they gave me 10.00 off since I bought the duvet cover - again chocolate stripe on stripe
Fiesta chili bowls - multi colored, love them
Lush - gift card so that shouldn't count
A bunch of stuff for Bre - I should get to take that off my taxes as a donation to the US Services, right? :)
And a black leather shag rug - can't wait until it gets here
oh and 3 wool sweaters for Rob - I had to throw him a bone so he wouldn't squeak so much *grin

I think I have done my part to help our economy.
I justify all of the above because I either saved or it was birthday money. Nothing was purchased with credit. Besides I only have 3 more Christmas presents to buy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Personal Animus Maximus

I liked being portrayed as that so well I'm using it in the title today. It kind of makes me feel all sexy and stuff. Rowrrrrrrr. Snort

Hmmm, wonder which definition she meant:
1 : basic attitude or governing spirit : disposition , intention
2 : a usually prejudiced and often spiteful or malevolent ill will
3 : an inner masculine part of the female personality in the analytic psychology of C. G. Jung — compare

I'm going with number 3, and you can guess what she can do with my masculine part :) Isn't it amazing how I've embraced the Bully Girl in me! *rolls eyes

Ok, enough with the triviality, on to wittier things.

I am no longer Croquet Queen, got beat by my sister and a 12 year old! I was tipsy though. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

How many of you have googled the hummingbird position since watching My Own Worst Enemy lastnight? Tell the truth! I did. I was disappointed *pout

I know who has who (or is it whom) for Secret Santa. Neener, neener, neener. :)

I had other stuff to say but can't remember what it was. I hate when I do that. I may add more later.......

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's my Birthday and I'll laugh if I want to........

Yep, it really is my birthday today, even if Agman started my birthday thread 2 days early *snort

I got a call at 3 am from Bre, wishing me a happy birthday. That made it a good birthday already, day done, I can call it a good one. I don't want to bore anyone with Bre stuff all the time but I'm saying here, my kid is better than I am. Her bathroom. a port a potty. Eight months with just a port a potty. Ewwww. I know, there's other things over there that are so much worse, but ick, having to go to the bathroom in a port a potty for 8 months would rank very high on my list of why I would be a whiner. But Bre. She's fine with it. *sigh I don't know where she gets her fortitude. Ok, enough Bre talk. Oh wait, I sent my first care package yesterday, anxious to see how long it takes to get there.

My MIL called me at 7:30 to wish me a happy birthday. Ugh, why does she feel the need to call so early on birthdays? She's always done that, even when I was in my 20's and she knew we had gone out the night before.

My best friend Lori called at 9. Now see, she knows me. You don't call until I've settled in for the morning. Morning bathroom ritual, check, hot tea, check, time to settle in at computer, check. Ok, time to call Dawnya, check. That's why were best friends. :)

BBQ at my place Saturday. All is invited. Croquet playing is a must. I will be defending my Croquet Queenship. (I'm a dork and have made a croquet trophy *snort It's just a croquet mallet painted gold)

I got my hair cut and colored yesterday. It's cute. Short and wispy curly in the back and then comes down to points in the front. The crown is short so it gives me some height :)

I usually get money for my birthday and then poof it's gone and I don't know where it went. So I ordered multi-colored Fiestaware chili bowls online and will just deposit the money in my acct and wala birthday present.

I snuggled under a snuggly blanket lastnight and drank spiked hot cocoa while watching the debate. Diesel snuggled against my feet. It was a good night. :)

It's beautiful weather outside, so I hope everyone enjoys my birthday day as much as I'm going to. 4 more years til the big 50. Can't wait. I always do some big trip on the 0 birthdays so I look forward to it instead of dreading it :)

Adding - Rob called and directed me to a spot he had hidden a birthday card for me when he was home last. It had a Lush gift card in it. He said he knew he wouldn't be able to be home today but wanted to make sure I knew he was thinking of me, besides a phone call. I love that man. :) bosses sent me flowers :) They're purty.

Update: Bravie - HELP! Rob snuck in right before midnight - He wasn't due in until Saturday morning so that was a great surprise. He brought me a Wii and Wii Fit for my birthday. That's where Brave comes in. I have no clue :) Rob's in the floor, mumbling to himself on hooking it up right now. He has a 360 so I'm regulating him to the tiny little portable tv to play his games :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Gallbladder and things

1. Gah! I thought kidney stones were bad. This sucks. And I so don't want to have surgery, though I know it's alot better than it used to be. The only time I've been in the hospital was to have my tonsils out when I was a kid and then to have Bre and that was almost 23 years ago!

But the latest attack was a doozy. For 3 hours I was in pain, like the kind of pain where you do the "I'm having a baby" breathing even tho you're not pregnant. The tossing your cookies because it hurts so bad, curling up on the bathroom floor because you're afraid to be too far from the bathroom type of pain. And then for the next 7 hours I moaned and was afraid to move much. A heating pad up against my stomach and a hot corn pad on my back (I didn't know gallbladders made your back hurt!)

After the cookout for all of our October birthdays - twin nieces, my mom's and mine - on the 18th I'm going in to have this thing yanked out!

2. Bre is at her permanent base. Not a "tricked out" one, darn it. But she does have access to email every once in a while.

3. I think my mowing should be done with for this year. Yay!

4. I have 5 or 6 freaking cats hanging around outside and this week I have been invaded by mice! I think because it's getting cold so they are coming in. I'm going to buy those traps where they go in and die. I don't want to see them, ick and I won't use the poison. Those stupid cats are worthless.

5. I love fall! :)