Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tybee Island - Part 2 of the Reunion

I promise to post pics as soon as the camera gets here :).

Rob took us to the airport. We had to leave the house at 7 - ugh! - but we were excited, because as much as both of us have flown we've never flown together. Check in was a breeze. We flew Continental Express Houston in a teensy plane - 1 seat on one side and 2 on the other. It was a bit cramped so I'm glad I was familiar with my seat partner. Especially as she used my shoulder as a pillow and me her head. That would have been awkward had we not known one another. *grin

Had a 2 1/2 hr layover in Houston so we grab lunch at Chili's (these posts should be sponsored by Chili's!). The next flight was a bigger and more comfortable plane and we landed safely in Savannah. We'd decided as Tybee is only 2 1/2 miles big we wouldn't rent a car as that would make us not run around as much. We always say we're just going to relax and then we wind up running like mad. So we grabbed a cab at the airport - I don't know if all cities are like this but they regulate how much a cab can charge for certain distinations - so it was resonable cabfare and not a shock. And on top of that he was very sociable and took us to where they filmed Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and by Juliet Gordon Low's house (founder of Girl Scouts). And the bench where Forrest Gump sat. We tipped him nicely, though not as nice as Johnny Depp does.

We arrive at our beautiful B&B - but let me ask you if you saw this -

with this sentence " is just steps from the ocean. " wouldn't you think it was right on the beach. It's not. It's got a grass yard - not sand like it looks like in the pic and there's a house in front of it. That was a teensy tinsey let-down but the feeling didn't last long. Patty - the Innkeeper (not the owner - the owner was a scarylady we only saw once) was a jewel. And made the Best Bananas Foster french toast for breakfast! The crabcakes with hollandaise was also to die for.

So we get settled into our room - The Morgan Room -

from the Savannah Beach Inn website
Before staying here I'd always wanted a really tall bed. Not anymore. It's freaking tiring getting in those things! And not that I did this but if you forget that you're really high up and need to get up for a bathroom trip in the middle of the night, it hurts when you fall.

The next day was rainy. Perfectly rainy. We had breakfast - Bananas Foster - and sit out on the porch with fellow B&Bers. One couple had just gotten married. They'd known each other since New Years Day. Another was celebrating their 50th anniversary. Wonder if the first couple will make it that far. There was a young couple from Australia that I loved listening to. That's one of the best thing about B&B's - the meeting of people and the atmosphere. Sooo much better than even a nice hotel.

We took a cab - The Crab Cab - he'd just purchased the business for 25,000.00 and has BIG plans to expand - to The Crab Shack "where the elite eat in bare feet" (another theme - crabs). The Crab Shack was where parts of The Generals Daughter was filmed. John Travolta supposedly loves the place. Reportedly via our cabby/tourist guide - the owner received 700,000.00 to film there and took the money and built from this little crab shack to the massive outdoor restaurant. It has a very cool atmosphere - Jimmy Buffet plays over the speakers in the live oak trees that drip with Spanish moss while misters hanging from the same trees keep everyone cool. The food trays were huge - you sit at these wood tables that have holes cut in the middle so you can just toss the shells as your eating your food.

Afterwards the cab picked us back up and took us for a tour while heading back to the house. By now we've heard numerous times that Miley Cyrus is filming here. So he took us by the church they are building which they're just going to turn around and burn it to the ground. The house she's staying - two blocks down from us. And the pier they are taking over to set up the carnival for the movie. I wonder what they're going to do with the Pier this year during 4th of July as that's where the Island sets off their fireworks. He also took us by Sandra Bullocks place and John "Cougar" Mellencamps places. Very nice. I wonder if they ever need housesitters. :)

We stroll down to the beach and feed the seagulls chips, but it starts raining again. So more porch swings. The B&B puts out cheese and wine at 3 everyday and then makes cookies at 8pm and puts out milk. I missed that when we left!

Friday we were idiots. We got up and had breakfast - oh how I wish I could have talked Patty into coming home with me! - and went to the beach. It was a beautiful and sunny day, damn it!
So we skip down to the beach - with our picnic basket, chairs, towels and water all supplied by Patty. But no sunblock, did we even think about sunblock. Of course not! We have Native American skin. It's been years since I've had a sunburn and I don't think Bre's ever had one. But I used to be a good mom and kept sunblock on her. I'm not such a good mom now. Because 4 hours later I was burnt, she was burnt and we were pooped. I blame it on the Atlantic - it was so balmy and gentle it was way too easy to float along like flotsam and jetsam - in fact I think that should be our nicknames from now on (though I think it's kind of pittiful when someone gives themselves a nickname :) )

We ate dinner at AJ's and had the best hushpuppies and cold beer ever. Then our cabby took us to the Pier and he and I and Bre set up on the park benches and watched them film a bit. The carnival entrance says Tybee Island Seafood Festival - Tybee Island doesn't have a Seafood Festival, but ought to now. Then he took us back to the B&B for cookies and milk where we played clue with our Australian friends and the older couple. I decided that night I could totally live on Tybee Island forever.

Saturday we were leaving for Virginia Beach, so we......had breakfast. The second B is the best part of a B&B! Packed up and took our luggage down to Patty. Our plane wasn't leaving until 3 so we made arrangements with the CrabCabMan Dave to pick us up at 1 and Patty said we could leave our luggage in one of the unused rooms while we strolled some shops and took a walk on the beach on last time.

I was a little melancholy to leave but excited to see Bre's new house.
I do have to say that I realize and appreciate the fact that I have a great relationship with my daughter. I couldn't ask for a better kid and am so thankful she's home. I say a prayer for all the moms and dads every night that has a kid they're worried about - which I guess is every parent, right :).

Next up: Virginia Beach and my first 5 Guys burger

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reunion :) at The 'Quah

Part One -

We picked Bre up 2 hours later than we were suppose to, delayed flights. So that previous title should have read 7 and one half hours. But it was worth the wait. And yes, I gave her a great big long hug. I didn't cry but I may have sniffled.

She looked so good ( I left my camera in Virginia Beach - Bre's sending it, so as soon as I get it I'll post pics), little on the skinny side but great.

So we did the whole family whirlwind affairs - dinner at my mother-in-laws. She did filets with mushrooms, a cream chive sauce and stuffed mushrooms. All were new recipes she'd seen on the food network and printed off. We were like chickens with our heads cut off as none of us knew any of the recipes. We almost wound up with parsley in the chive sauce and chives in the mushrooms. On top of everything we were doubling all the recipes and we kept forgetting that as we were cooking, so we'd double at the beginning and then forget half way thru then have to go back and add more of something. We now have a new rule - Only one knew recipe per dinner! It did turn out delicious though! And memorable :)

We had a washout with my family on Sunday. It was suppose to be a cook-out and then it poured buckets, so I changed it to a cook-in and started stressing. So I took a deep breathe and told everyone to get their raincoats and we went to Chili's. I drank a margarita and un-stressed. We then went back to the house, broke out the wine and the boardgames. I then proceeded to drink Bre under the table. She may be a war veteran but she "don't" have nuttin' on her mom when it comes to holding her wine. :) She's a very loving drunkey and takes really long showers when she's that way - I was impressed with my water heater.

Monday she and I and Rob just chilled out. We grilled some steaks, went to the movies and just visited. It was a nice quiet day and made me nostalgic for those high school years.

Tuesday we left for Tybee Island. I asked Rob to make sure he watered my basil and strawberries which were doing great - he didn't. Bad Rob.

I'll be back to post about Tybee. It involves Miley Cyrus. You can take that as a good thing or a bad thing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Five and one half hours

In five and one half hours I get to hug my daughter. I've not seen her for a year. A very, very long year.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All About The Kid ..previously titled: Change of plans

Bre's not coming in until the 11th. I don't blame her -- Mike leaves on the 11th for 5 weeks of training, so they are wanting to spend as much time together as possible before he leaves. I can understand that especially since they spent so much time apart in the last year.

Mike is staying active attached to the Seals, while Bre has chosen to go Reserves and use the money from the GI Bill to finish her bachelors. She's then going to apply to the Navy's Medical Program to become a Psychologist with the Navy. They both plan on retiring from the Service. Though I don't think Mike will enjoy it if Bre makes him salute her. *grin

I think she'll be going to Norfolk State U or Virginia Wesleyan College. You don't know how much I'll enjoy being a Mom to a college kid. She can combine her 1 week a month for the Reserves into a month long summer stint because of her rate.

She and Mike just bought a house. They basically did it over the internet and phone with a relator and a friend. So when they arrived in VA all they had to do was closing. I can't imagine doing something this big, in that way. *shakes head But they are happy and I am proud of them both.

She did splurge on a new tv. A 52" Sony flat. I hope her livingroom is big enough!

So after the trip to Tybee Island we are headed to Virginia Beach. I'm going to pick up some perennials for a house warming gift and we're going to shop for paint. I told both of them they were going to start getting power tools and stuff like that for birthdays and Christmas. Hey, if you're going to be a home owner you got have that stuff, right?