Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Part Four and possibly the final part

After Arlington and the memorial things calmed down a bit. People went home, lives got back to normal for most everyone.

My mom went home and the next week and Terri the week after. School started. Bre and I had talked and she said she was determined to finish. Mike would be mad if she didn't because of him, she said. So she's half way thru her last semester, carrying 19 hours and so far has A's. She's amazing. She's participating in a lot of fundraisers and is focused on running the Shamrock marathon in March or April as that was one of Mike's goals.

I've been trying to talk her and Terri into applying for The Amazing Race. She and Mike had already decided not to have kids and just travel. They'd gone skiing/snowboarding in Montana, spent 2 weeks in Ireland, and numerous other trips around the US. So they were well on their way. I think it would be a good diversion for her for a bit.

But her main goal at this point is getting her application in to USUHS by January 1.

I came back to Oklahome the 12th of October and plan on going back to VAB the middle of November. Just to help her get thru that last push and to settle anything that still needs taken care of as far as Mike's estate goes.

I miss Mike terribly - and my very soul hurts for Bre. Things will never be the same, but I hope that there's a New Normal in her future. One that's happy and full of laughter and though I know there will always be a shadow of sadness I think that it will not be so dark one day.

I can tell you this - Bre is one of the strongest, most loving people I know and I'm proud she's my daughter.

There's probably things I should have added and I might come back and edit a few of these posts but for now this is enough.


Breezy said...

It doesn't surprise me that a strong amazing woman such as yourself raised a strong and amazing woman in Bre.


Tummy said...

Thanks Breezy. She's just amazing to me.

kim (weltek) said...

OMG yes, she should apply for TAR!

Puffy said...

I agree with Breezy and Kim. "A new normal" are the perfect words. Things will get better and life will go on.

Thank you for sharing these special words that you have used to document these days.